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  • The future on show uturo (PDF)
  • New Toyota SUV hybrid (PDF)
  • Canada for green cars (PDF)
  • Handycar (PDF)
  • An environmentally friendly museum (PDF)
  • Autogas for cold starts also (PDF)
  • Ecostation (PDF)
  • Greener Switzerland (PDF)
  • Kyto 1 - Ok to the italian plan (PDF)
  • Kyto 2 - Commisioner for the enviroment about the Iitalian plan (PDF)
  • Kyoto 3 - Ecological vehicles and Kyoto (PDF)
  • The works of the National Antismog Commission (PDF)
  • DIY incentives (PDF)
  • Help enviroment-freindly mobility-Change the Air petition (PDF)
  • The 6 aces of the Italian Government (PDF)
  • Eco- fuels: 4 questions to the Government and Parliament of Italy (PDF)
  • Nautical and LPG, a love that is growing (PDF)
  • A new record at Shell Eco-Marathon (PDF)
  • India, LPG and CNG: the only possible fuels (PDF)
  • Test Drive: Chevrolet Lacetti LPG (PDF)
  • Autopromotec 2005: higher and higher (PDF)
  • Bolzano(Bozen) rhymes with metano (CNG) (PDF)
  • Eco-Cars in Italy: Characteristics and prices (PDF)
  • Safety - ESP: standard lifesaver?


Unity is strength…

I leave it to the reader to think how the journey was enjoyed by those poor beasts, thus bound and held by the feet, head-down, in the hand of a man who, agitated by many passions, accompanied with gesture the thoughts which passed tumultuously through his mind. Now extending his arm in anger, now raising it in despair, now wrestling it in the air, as in a threat, and, in every way, gave them fierce shocks, and caused those four pendent heads to bob; they, meanwhile, vigorously applying themselves to peck one another, as too often happens among friends in adversity.

Thus wrote Manzoni (in The Betrothed) telling of the poor capons that Renzo Tramaglino brought as a gift to Dr Azzeccagarbugli from whom he hoped to receive legal comfort for his seriously threatened marriage with Lucy. The image became history and is often quoted by many when they want to convey the very widespread concept of the “war among the poor”.

If we leave aside, for the moment, the as yet very experimental hydrogen, in the world of ecological mobility there are three great schools of thought: LPG, methane and the electric vehicle. Somewhere there still lingers an air of besieged fort, somewhere else they think of themselves as bearers of truth, somewhere else still they pontificate as the “truly clean”. We leave it to reader to imagine who could be the one or the other, but the equivalent concept remains that the three of them, rather than getting together as environmental mobility and fight together against their common enemy, fight among themselves about whether one pollutes more than the other and to obtain better market shares, ranging from 0,002% to 0,003!

We have always been convinced that we should talk of “environmental mobility” and leave it up to the type of car as well as the local situation to determine whether to opt for one fuel or the other. In some cases methane is more convenient, in others LPG is preferable and in certain conditions the electric vehicle is a suitable solution. We are not about to say, here, where we believe one would be better than the other o we run the risk of giving new cues to the fighting parties rather than pacifying, which is our real objective.

The situation is serious. The curve of gas installations is decreasing steadily: in 2004 only 120.000 (85.000 LPG + 35.000 methane) against the 200/250.000 necessary to maintain gas traffic constant. Even if we add “first installation” and analyse definite figures for the first trimester of 2005 (see table), we notice an increase of diesel registrations, even in countertrend with the remainder of Europe.

Comparing figures on a yearly basis, we find that in Italy there are about 250.000 vehicles circulating on methane, 1.000.000 use LPG and 110.000 electric vehicles (of which 80.000 assisted pedalling bicycles) against a traffic of 30.000.000 vehicles (8.000.000 on gasoil excluding buses and trucks). These are the numbers environmental mobility needs to face up to.

Operators need to understand how uneven a fight is you fight alone. We need to accept that a fight for position is anachronistic as is trying to maintain certain true or presumed privileges. If we weigh against the press, institutions, users such as environmental mobility sector, we might obtain reasonable results, otherwise we remain a niche and we float, waiting for a thrashing.

Or we are held by the head by Renzo and brought as a gift to the powerful, yet at least let us not scratch and peck one another before death, …as too often happens among friends in adversity!

Ugo Nazzarro




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